Blu By U History

Formerly Veterans Farm, which was started in 2010 with the Blueberry bushes in 20 gallon containers and wide rows so the Veterans could maintain them easier in their wheelchairs and scooters, etc.

Blu By U purchased the farm in August 2015 off of Craigslist.

Blu By U farm located at Long Branch Road Jacksonville, FL 32234 is a Jacksonville address located in Clay County with our post office in Baldwin, FL with Maxville just at the end of the road.         

Blu By U Farm has 8 acres surrounded by an    

8ft tall fence around the perimeter to

keep the deer and other animals out,

with the Blueberry field on 3 acres

within the 8 acres.

The farm also consists of a 1/4 acre pond, 2 70ft long greenhouses, 2 deep wells for irrigation and a house/office that was built between 1870 and 1905 which was moved to the location in the 1950’s, modern conveniences have been added, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a storage room, be sure to ask to look at the houses rafters made out of round poles and rough cut wood and rectangular headed nails, and also check out the windows with ropes and weights to raise and lower them. We have also added a 50 x 70 shaded picnic area connected to the

house which has a sandbox, swings

and a corn hole game, we also have a

volleyball net and horse shoes.
Our first season was April 30 - May 28 2016, we had a wonderful first season with 700 likes on Facebook before we even opened the gates. 2500 pounds of Blueberries were picked in our first season, we were happy that it went so smooth with 300 people every Saturday and mommy and me groups and others through the week. Our second season in Spring of 2017 was not as great, a late freeze on March 15th 2017 took most of our berries as well as many other Blueberry Farms in Florida and Georgia, we had green berries on them in early February 2017 and were able to open 2 weeks earlier than the previous year,

opening on April 15th, 2017 which was

Easter Saturday only picked about

500 pounds that second year,

we were sad and so were our customers, we were only open 2 weeks. We prayed for a better year in 2018 and we opened April 28, 2018 and we were able to match our first year in 2016 by picking about 2200 lbs despite the cool weather hanging in which kept some of our berries from turning blue consistently which delayed our opening by 2 weeks later than 2017. We also had to close mid-season because the berries hadn't re-ripened, but we were able to stay open an extra week into June 2018 and ended up having a very good season.
Blu By U Blueberry Farm opens

every year during Spring April/May

for about 4 to 5 weeks,

so anybody can come and pick their own blueberries. U-Pick is $4.00 per pound and We-Pick is $7.00 per pound. We also sell Blueberry plants in 1 gallon containers for $6.00 and 3 gallon containers for $15.00, we sell local honey from Apiaries located on the Westside of Jacksonville, FL. They also bring their Bees out to the farm for pollination before our picking season, we also sell locally made soy candles and goats milk soap bars provided by Inspired by Light which works with Teen Challenge. We have Blueberry recipe books, snacks and drinks for sale.
As we grow, Blu By U will be adding items

so in the future we can be open more

during the year.

As of November 2018 we have the

Two by Two petting zoo including ducks and chickens, goats, 2 Jerusalem donkeys and 3 male Alpacas.  We had our first baby goat born at Two By Two on February 15, 2020.
We added an Aquaponics system to our farm in 2018 using fish in a 250 gallon tank to fertilize a few crops we are testing with; tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and of course blueberries.
We added a butterfly house in 2018, we had much flooding in 2018 including in the butterfly house, so we made enhancements to the butterfly house and the rest of the farm

to help drainage.
2019 brings a new year of growth,

we are expanding our farm into a new

Hydroponics system to grow 4,000 strawberries for picking in May 2021.

Our Farm has a friendly peaceful atmosphere,

some people just like to come out and set a spell.