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As a farm, we are constantly seeking efficiency within our work. We have a fully coordinated irrigation system running to all of our blueberry bushes, as well as a new aquaponics system. We are finding ways to become more efficient every day, including our ways of fertilizer spreading.

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At Blu By U, we are focused on blueberries at this time, but we hope to expand later down the road. We are not seeking organic status, but we use natural growing methods. However, we cannot guarantee what was used previously.

our innovations

Starting out as just a bunch of blueberries, we are striving to do more and more at the farm, we now have 2 Jerusalem Donkey's, the male is "Dasher" and the female is "Dancer".  We also have "Maggie's Butterfly Garden," Plenty of chickens and some ducks, and two female goats "Willow and Tulip" you will be able to see when you come out.

Formerly known as Veterans Farm, Blu By U was established in 2016. Due to the hard work of Matt, Tom, and the family and friends of each, we are vastly growing every day.

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Operating Hours (Starting april ??, 2019)

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